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Has Your Home in Ningi Recently Experienced A Plumbing Emergency?


When Is The Right Time To Call An Emergency Plumber?

There are specific instances in which you would need to get contact a Ningi emergency plumber. In most cases, plumbing problems can be addressed according to typical wait times, saving you cost of an emergency plumber. However, if you experience any of the following issues, you might require our emergency plumber service:


Gas leak

It is of extreme importance that gas leaks are addressed as soon as they occur. If you notice a gas leak, based on the smell or other factors, you should turn off your gas valve straight away and open windows and doors to allow airflow. In this situation, we suggest you call us straight away so we can help you secure your house and ensure all gas leaks are located and dealt with.


Water leak

If you suspect a water leak may be causing damage to your home, you should switch off your home’s main water valve straight away. Water leaks tend to build gradually over time. While a leak may seem small at first, it can easily converge into a much bigger problem which can damage the foundations of your home. Water leaks also lead to wasted water, causing your water bill to skyrocket. If you suspect a water leak in your home, contact Hughes Plumbing Contractors so we can locate and repair any leaks in your home.


Burst pipes

Pipes can burst as a result a number of factors including faulty installation, bad quality fixtures and age. A burst pipe can lead to damage in your property, particularly walls, floors and cabinets. If you suspect a pipe has burst in your home, turn off the main water supply to your home and call us so we can identify and repair it.


Blocked toilet or sewage pipes

When toilets get blocked or backed up, the situation can get very messy. To get things back into working order, call us right away.


Why Should I Choose Hughes Plumbing Contractors?

When you contact us, you can be sure that you will be working with a team of fully licensed and qualified emergency plumbers and gasfitters. We always prioritise safety and wellbeing of our clients, efficiency and top-quality service. We know that even though a situation may require an emergency plumber, the job should be done thoroughly and painstakingly.

We always treat emergency plumbing with the same expertise, care and time that we dedicate to all jobs. Each member in our team at Hughes Plumbing Contractors are continually learning the most modern and effective plumbing techniques.

We treat all emergency work with the same time, care and expertise that we give to all our work. Every member of our Melbourne emergency plumbing team is continuously being trained in the latest and most efficient plumbing methods, and constantly upgrading their skillset. We understand that what you require is a team of professional plumbers who will treat your property with respect and complete the job perfectly.


For an emergency plumber that won’t charge an arm and a leg, call Hughes Plumbing Contractors. 

Some of our many emergency plumbing services include:


Drain Cleaning
Blocked Toilets & Drains
Tap Repairs
Toilet Repairs
Water Heater Repairs
Leak Detection
Roof leaks
CCTV Drain inspections
Make Safe Work


Stressing out over a plumbing disaster? Hughes Plumbing Contractors are here to assist 24/7!


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Hughes Plumbing Contractors are a loved and trusted Ningi plumber. With all the latest equipment and a team of fully qualified and licensed tradesmen, we are the best local 24/7 plumber in Ningi. For any plumbing emergency you need help solving, call 0406 288 142 or contact Benny via the form below.

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