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Are You Dealing With A Plumbing Emergency In Kilcoy?


How Can Hughes Plumbing Contractors Assist Me In The Event Of A Plumbing Emergency?


Hughes Plumbing Contractors have been providing top quality professional plumbing services for many years. We are experts in hot water systems in Kilcoy. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to meet your needs.


There is nothing more frustrating than needing a plumber due to an emergency but being unable find one who is available. At Hughes Plumbing Contractors, we always have a member of the team on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. We will always prioritize emergency calls and you can be sure that you will be seen the same day as you called.


We have some of the best plumbers in Kilcoy who can take care of any kind of plumbing problem from minor domestic issues such as blocked drains or fixing a leaking pipe to being able to carry out major commercial plumbing jobs. We also have over 40 years of combined experience so we can handle jobs of any size and any vendor of tools. Whatever you need from a plumber in Kilcoy, we can handle it and we offer a quality guarantee.


We have over 40 years of experience in installing hot water systems in Kilcoy both on a domestic and commercial scale. We are qualified and licensed gas fitters so we can install or fix all kinds of hot water systems across South East Queensland. Our expert plumbers will be transparent and honest about prices and the work that is required so you don’t any encounter any hidden costs.


Over our many years in the plumbing industry we have assisted many clients with their plumbing requirements. We are proud of our 24 hour plumbing service that means nobody has to wait around for more than a few hours to have their plumbing emergency dealt with. We understand the worry that occurs when a plumbing emergency happens and the expenses that can build up if the problems are not dealt with promptly. We believe that nobody should have to put up with leaking pipes or a lack of hot water in their Kilcoy home.


Why Can’t I Perform These Repairs Myself?


Never attempt to remedy your own emergency plumbing problem. You may be putting your house and families health at risk, especially in situations involving hot water systems. Performing some kinds of plumbing repairs without the necessary licenses or qualifications is also illegal. You may also run the risk of ruining any warranties or insurance claims. It’s not worth the hassle or the risk, so if you have an emergency plumbing situation call Hughes Plumbing Contractors.


When a customer calls up about a plumbing emergency, we work our absolute hardest to make sure the entire process runs smoothly- from the initial phone call until the job is completed.


Need an emergency plumber in Kilcoy who won’t overcharge you or mess you around? You  can rely on Hughes Plumbing Contractors – North Brisbane’s best local emergency plumber.

Some of our many emergency plumbing services include:


Drain Cleaning
Blocked Toilets & Drains
Tap Repairs
Toilet Repairs
Water Heater Repairs
Leak Detection
Roof leaks
CCTV Drain inspections
Make Safe Work


Hughes Plumbing Contractors are an expert team of emergency plumbers in Kilcoy. Got a plumbing emergency in your home right now? We’ll get it sorted in no time!


Experience the Hughes Plumbing Contractors difference for yourself today!


Experienced and professional Australian plumbers

Over 40 years’ combined experience

Latest technology and equipment

Fully licensed and insured

Full public liability insurance cover

Friendly personal service

Expert honest advice

We live & work in and around Kilcoy



We’ve been helping clients in Kilcoy sort out their plumbing emergencies for many years. There’s no emergency too big or small for us. We’re fully qualified and licensed too, so you don’t need to worry at all. To get the job done properly, call 0406 288 142 or get in touch with Benny directly via the contact form below.

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