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Are You Dealing With A Plumbing Disaster in Esk?


Who Are Hughes Plumbing Contractors?

At Hughes Plumbing Contractors we aim to offer all our clients the best possible deal. Over our 40 years of combined experience in the plumbing industry, we have built up a huge amount of trust largely due our levels of professionalism and honesty. We are confident that we can provide top quality plumbing services in Esk.

As one of the leading plumbers in south east Queensland, our reputation is of utmost importance to us and we know that maintaining top quality customer service is the best way to do this. Each of our tradesmen are passionate experts in their field. We all take pride in our plumbing work and nothing makes us happier than fulfilling our client’s needs in Esk.

At Hughes Plumbing Contractors, we know that customers may need our assistance in the case of plumbing emergencies, such as burst pipes or taps that are leaking. Because of this, we offer our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We guarantee that our plumber will get to you quickly and with the minimal amount of hassle. All our tradesmen are fully capable of dealing with your plumbing issues.

We are passionate about going above and beyond in our work to keep clients satisfied. We only use the highest quality equipment in our work. During our 40 years of combined experience in the industry, we’ve worked on all kinds of plumbing emergencies. This includes drain clearing, blocked toilet repair, hot water system installation and repair and many more.

We also undertake other jobs such as backflow testing, installation of thermostatic valves and a wide range of maintenance work. Our teams are regularly trained in new plumbing methods and are fully licensed and qualified. You can be sure that Hughes Plumbing Contractors have the perfect solution for you.


Whilst we base our service on trust, dependability and efficiency we also appreciate the need to offer fair pricing and adhere to our clients’ budgets. You will find that all of our pricing is extremely reasonable as we offer extraordinary value for money. Our status and our clients’ requirements are the most crucial aspects in driving our business and confidently believe that this is one of the reasons for the endurance of our business as well as our success over the years.


What Are The Most Common Plumbing Emergencies in Esk?


Blocked Bathroom Drain

Bathroom drains become clogged for a number of reasons. Some of the more common causes are due to aging of the bathroom plumbing and accumulation of debris in the pipes, which ends up causing a blockage. The most obvious sign of a blocked drain is water draining slower than usual. If it’s only a minor blockage you might be able to fix it with a plunger and hot water, but in more serious cases it’s best to work with the experts at Hughes Plumbing Contractors.


Blocked Toilet

If your toilet is obstructed but the rest of your drains seem to be functioning properly you may have a block in your drain. This will make toilet paper accumulate behind the blockage, causing the toilet to clog. Hughes Plumbing Contractors has the gear necessary to locate the blockage, we have small drain cameras and radio frequency locators available to help locate the obstruction, helping us find the most effective course of action. In some cases, a simple plunger can remove a blockage but in more severe cases you may need Hughes Plumbing Contractors to pressure jet your drain or even remove your toilet.


Broken Hot Water System

Nobody wants to suffer through a cold shower! When your hot water system suddenly stops working, it’s no wonder that many people want a hot water system repair or replacement right away! Our tradesmen are available 24/7 to repair or install a new hot water system. Common signs of a malfunctioning or broken hot water system are a lack of hot water or water pooling around the bottom of your system.


Have you been looking for a great emergency plumber in Esk? Look no further than Hughes Plumbing Contractors– the best plumbers in south east Queensland.

Some of our many emergency plumbing services include:


Drain Cleaning
Blocked Toilets & Drains
Tap Repairs
Toilet Repairs
Water Heater Repairs
Leak Detection
Roof leaks
CCTV Drain inspections
Make Safe Work


Hughes Plumbing Contractors are known and trusted all throughout Esk. With a team of friendly tradesmen and a full range of the latest plumbing equipment, why not get in touch today?


Experience the Hughes Plumbing Contractors difference for yourself today!


Experienced and professional Australian plumbers

Over 40 years’ combined experience

Latest technology and equipment

Fully licensed and insured

Full public liability insurance cover

Friendly personal service

Expert honest advice

We live & work in and around Esk



We can handle all sorts of plumbing emergencies in Esk, ranging from a simple leaking tap all the way up to a burst pipe or failing hot water system. To get the job done properly by a team of honest, passionate plumbers, call 0406 288 142 or get in touch with Benny via the contact form below.

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